Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) was created in 1999 to advise the Commission on the impact and implications of technological innovations on financial services and the futures markets, and the appropriate legislative and regulatory response to increasing use of technology in the markets. TAC members include representatives of futures exchanges, self-regulatory organizations, financial intermediaries, market participants, and traders.

Commissioner Christy Goldsmith Romero sponsors the TAC.  Tony Biagioli serves as the Designated Federal Officer for the committee.

Committee Charter (PDF)


Date Meeting Details

Meeting to hear presentations from the Virtual Currencies subcommittee and Distributed Ledger and Market Infrastructure subcommittee.  Full details, including agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss cybersecurity lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic; CFTC collection, concentration, storage, and securing of sensitive information; CFTC’s proposed rules on electronic trading risk principles; resiliency and scalability of DLT systems, use-cases, and regulatory picture; overview of Central Bank Digital Currencies; and volatility of bitcoin against other assets and the impact of COVID-19 on asset price correlation. Full details, including agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss stablecoins, audit trails, compliance solutions, cryptocurrency self-regulatory organizations, insurance, and custody, and vote on a recommendation from the Cybersecurity Subcommittee regarding the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council Cybersecurity Profile. Full details, including agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss natures and characteristics of stablecoins and the potential implications for regulation; cryptocurrency custodial relationships and custodial options; data privacy and the applications of distributed ledger technology in derivatives markets for custody and collateral management; best practices for managing risks associated with automated trading systems and FIA’s best practices and risk controls currently employed on the ICE trading platform; Financial Services Sector Cybersecurity Profile; current approach to vendor risk management, the challenges of that approach and possible alternatives. Full details, including minutes and agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss automated orders on markets, principles-based approach to preserving orderly trading on exchanges, consensus mechanisms used for virtual currencies, existing cybersecurity regulatory landscape and how regulation can be effectively applied to technological developments, and the current state of DLT, the future of DLT, and potential recommendations. Full details, including minutes and agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss how RegTech is opening up the possibility of machine readable and executable regulatory rulebooks, as well as the potential role for regulators to facilitate RegTech. Full details, including minutes and agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss the 2018 committee agenda, explore timely topics and issues involving financial technology in CFTC regulated markets, and identify work streams or subcommittee groups to help generate actionable recommendations to the Commission on select issues. Full details, including minutes and agenda, here.