Data at CFTC


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission relies on data collected from market participants to conduct all of its mission functions including market oversight, monitoring for liquidity and systemic risk, oversight of market participants, regulatory compliance, and enforcement of the CEA.  Data is a critical asset to the CFTC’s mission. In fact, in 2011 the CFTC became one of the very first federal agencies to set up a data management organization led by a Chief Data Officer.

In addition to data submitted by market participants, the CFTC also uses data sourced from various market data providers to perform its functions.

The CFTC publishes a variety of reports for reporting on the state and health of the derivatives markets under its jurisdiction. These include the Commitment of Traders Report, Cotton on Call and the Weekly Swaps Report.  Data from these reports are available for public download and use.

Data Contact

Director and Chief Data Officer
Ted Kaouk

[email protected]