Procurement Opportunities

The Procurement Office (i.e., “Procurement and Travel Management Section”) resides within the Business Operations Branch of the Division of Administration and is charged with managing the Commission’s acquisition needs and overseeing and executing all CFTC procurement activities. The Procurement Office is also responsible for drafting and implementing procurement policy for the Commission and awarding and administering the Commission's contracts according to sound business practices, federal laws and regulations, and agency policies.

CFTC purchases both equipment and services. To achieve this the Commission uses various types of contract vehicles outlined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) including:

  • Orders Against Other Government Contracts (e.g., GSA Federal Supply Schedules, NASA SEWP and other Government wide Acquisition Contracts)
  • Purchase Orders (open market)
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Agreements (e.g., Blanket Purchase Agreements, Blanket Ordering Agreements and Interagency Agreements)
  • Major Contracts (e.g., Firm-Fixed Price, Time-and-Materials and Labor Hour)

Notices for small purchase procurement actions ($15,001 - $25,000) procured on an open market non-competitive or competitive basis are located in the table below. (Note: In the event that the Commission does not have active small purchases, the table below will be empty.)

 Notice Date  Notice of Procurement Action

Postage Meter Rental and Mail Equipment Maintenance

09/21 CustomGuide Inc.
09/17 Firstgrain
09/17 CHI Supplemental Cleaning
09/17 UPS Maintenance

The CFTC’s open market acquisitions exceeding $25,000 are published under Contract Opportunities at  However, the majority of the CFTC’s purchasing activity is through U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) and via the government purchase credit program. These requirements are not normally published on the Internet. Your company may be considered for these awards if it has a GSA FSS contract or has otherwise effectively marketed its products and/or services to CFTC.

If no opportunities are listed in the table above and you would like to discuss your firm’s ability to provide products and/or services or otherwise promote your firm’s capabilities, please contact us by email at [email protected].