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Fraud News & Alerts

Anyone could be a victim of fraud. Criminals who commit fraud are experts of deception and emotional manipulation. Read more to learn about five highly prevalent frauds. Remember:

  • If you feel rushed, anxious, or pressured in any way, stop and talk to someone you trust.
  • Only trade in markets or products you fully understand, and with entities registered with the CFTC or other federal or state regulators..
  • There is no such thing as a risk-free trade or investment.

Check for fraud by: 1) looking for grammatical or spelling errors in the website/solicitation; 2) reverse image searching the photos of key personnel to ensure the photos are real 3) doing a street-view image search on the address of the company to see if it looks like a legitimate place of business; and 4) looking up domain registrations at lookup.icann.org to determine if the entity has been in business as long as claimed.

If you have been defrauded, report it to the government and to the digital asset exchange or the social media websites involved. You can report it to the CFTC or the FBI.