Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory Committee

The Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee (EEMAC) is a statutorily mandated advisory committee, which conducts public meetings; submits reports and recommendations to the Commission (including dissenting or minority views, if any); and otherwise serves as a vehicle for discussion and communication on matters of concern to exchanges, firms, end users, and regulators regarding energy and environmental markets and their regulation by the Commission.

Commissioner Summer K. Mersinger sponsors the EEMAC.  Lauren Fulks serves as the Secretary for the committee.

Committee Charter (PDF)


Date Meeting Details

The EEMAC will explore the role of rare earth minerals in transitional energy and electrification, including the potential development of derivatives products to offer price discovery and hedging opportunities in these markets.  Additionally, a presentation and discussion on the federal prudential financial regulators proposed rules implementing Basel III and the implications for and impact on the derivatives market.  Finally, the two EEMAC subcommittees will offer an update on their continued work related to traditional energy infrastructure and metals markets, here.

Meeting to discuss an update from two EEMAC subcommittees and the state of certain energy markets, here.

Meeting to discuss the state of the metals markets since the presentation in September and mitigation credits and how the CFTC could provide technical assistance in the creation of markets. The EEMAC will also introduce its subcommittee members and outline the potential issues and topics to be addressed in the subcommittee reports. here.

Meeting to focus on electricity. The EEMAC will study CFTC-regulated metals markets and how those markets could grow and may experience stress due to increases in electric vehicle production. The EEMAC will also examine Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) and how electrification and increased renewable and intermittent energy production could affect the electric grid and the FTR market, here.

Meeting to discuss the investment in physical energy infrastructure and the effect on price volatility in the commodities markets; and the role of the metals market as components in transitional energy sources and the potential impact on financial markets regulated by the CFTC. The EEMAC will also discuss and vote on the formation of subcommittees to provide reports on certain issues related to the two topics discussed during the meeting.  Full details, including agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss how the derivatives markets can facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy, including the status of carbon reduction through cap-and-trade and other carbon trading market mechanisms. The discussion at the June 3rd meeting included a proposal to form an EEMAC subcommittee to provide a report to the EEMAC on guiding principles for the design of the derivatives and underlying cash markets for environmental products, such as carbon allowances and offsets, that are used to address greenhouse gas emissions. At this meeting, the EEMAC will further discuss this proposal and vote whether to recommend that the Commission approve the formation of a subcommittee. Full details, including agenda, here.

Meeting to discuss domestic and international cap-and-trade markets and carbon derivatives markets and receive a staff update on recent events in the energy derivatives markets. Full details, including agenda, here.