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Career Paths at CFTC

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Attorneys at the Commission work on complex and novel legal issues in litigation, regulation, and policy development. Attorneys participate in administrative and civil proceedings, assist U.S. Attorneys in criminal proceedings involving futures law violations, and provide legal advice to the Commission on policy and adjudicatory matters. For attorney positions, candidates must have a J.D. degree and bar membership.


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CFTC auditors examine records and operations of futures exchanges and firms for compliance with CFTC rules on financial requirements and trade practices. For auditor positions, a master’s degree and CPA certification are preferred, but all candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or otherwise meet minimum government-wide standards for the profession.


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CFTC economists evaluate filings for new futures and option contracts and amendments to existing contracts to ensure they meet the Commission’s regulatory standards. Economists also analyze and advise the Commission on the economic effect of various Commission and industry actions and events. For economist positions, an advanced degree in economics is preferred, but all candidates must have a bachelor's degree in economics or otherwise meet minimum government-wide standards for the profession.


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Futures trading specialists/investigators/analysts perform regulatory and compliance oversight and conduct investigations of alleged fraud, market manipulations, and trade practice violations. They may also appear as expert witnesses in administrative or civil proceedings, or assist state or other Federal law enforcement agencies in dealing with futures-related violations. Candidates must possess a combination of education and work experience to qualify for futures trading specialist/investigator positions.


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Management professionals support the CFTC mission by performing strategic planning, information technology, human resources, staffing, training, accounting, budgeting, contracting, procurement, and other management operations. Candidates may possess a combination of education and work experience in the appropriate profession to qualify for these positions.


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Students: CFTC is building career entry programs. Selected students will become part of a team that helps stabilize the nation's financial markets and makes significant contributions to CFTC's mission. There are opportunities to receive on the-job-training and gain valuable professional experience.


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Executives: CFTC Executive Corps lead the agency’s mission and support programs. We recruit from the private sector as well as seek current or former Federal employees. CFTC executive pay plans do not utilize the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) authority and are exempt from SES, SL or ST.