Dispositions in cases brought in the CFTC's Reparations program and in administrative enforcement cases brought by the CFTC Division of Enforcement. Dispositions may include initial decisions, orders, and other rulings.  Please note that not all dispositions are final. 

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Date Dispositions
Ilija Djurkovic v. Todd A. Young PDF Image
CFTC Docket No. 01-R013
Donald Nelson v. Cadent Financial Services, L.L.C., L & D Commodities, Inc., an… PDF Image
CFTC Docket No. 04-R081
Attila Shelley, and Vera Shelley v. Zaner Group, LLC. a/k/a Zaner & Company PDF Image
CFTC Docket No. 05-R072
George Rivera v. Hal Wisun PDF Image
CFTC Docket No. 05-R020