Futures Commissions Merchants/Reporting Firms

Futures Commissions Merchants/Reporting Firms: Forms & Submissions

This page contains forms and other documents related to Futures Commissions Merchants (FCMs) and other market participants required to report market data and position information to the CFTC. Learn more about FCMs and other reporting firms in the Industry Oversight section.




Instructions & Remarks

Identification of “Special Accounts”*

Form 102 (CFTC Portal)

Part 17.01

Ownership and Control Reporting

Large Trader Position Data for Futures and Options

Position Entry for Reportable Traders – PERT (CFTC Portal)

Part 17

Large Trader Reporting Program

Part 17 Guidebook

Large Trader Position Data for Swaps

FTP Submission

Part 20

Swaps Larger Trader Reporting (PDF)

Account Creation for FTP Submissions

CFTC Account Creation (CFTC site)

Part 17 and Part 20

Large Trader Reporting Program and Swaps Larger Trader Reporting (PDF)