CFTC Privacy Program


The mission of the CFTC Privacy Office is to preserve and enhance privacy protections for all individuals whose information is processed by the Commission and to promote transparency around the Commission’s operations involving personally identifiable information.

About the Privacy Office

The CFTC Privacy Office is responsible for ensuring that the Commission complies with applicable privacy requirements, developing and evaluating privacy policies and procedures, and managing privacy risks.

The Privacy Office is organizationally located in the Office of the General Counsel and is led by the Commission’s Chief Privacy Officer.  The General Counsel serves as the Commission’s Senior Agency Official for Privacy.

Fair Information Practice Principles

The Commission has adopted the following set of Fair Information Practice Principles to use when evaluating information systems, processes, programs, and activities that affect individual privacy:

  • Authority
  • Minimization
  • Quality and Integrity
  • Individual Participation
  • Purpose Specification and Use Limitation
  • Security
  • Transparency


Rob Schwartz

Senior Agency Official for Privacy

Office of the General Counsel

Kellie Cosgrove Riley

Chief Privacy Officer

Office of the General Counsel

Contact the Privacy Office

By Mail:        Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Attn. Privacy Office

1155 21st St., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20581

By Email:      [email protected]