Foreign Boards of Trade (FBOT) : 28490

Organization: Moscow Exchange

Status: Pending

Date: 2016-12-30 00:00:00

Remarks: Applied for Registration pursuant to Commission Regulation Part 48.

Associated Documents
Confidentiality Treatment Request
Form FBOT_Redacted
Form S-1_Redacted
Form S-1 Appendix 15_[Amendments #2 to the CHARTER]
Form S-1 Appendix 16_[Amendments #3 to the CHARTER]
Form S-1 Appendix 17_[Principles of Initial Margin Calculation]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 14_[Amendments #1 to the CHARTER]
Form S-1 Appendix 12_[Methodology for Setting Price Variation Limits]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 10_[Clearing Rules. Part V - Derivatives]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 11_[Clearing Rules. Part II -Tariffs]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 8_[Certificate on Registration]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 9_[Procedure for Submission of Information]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 7_[The NCC's CEO Commitment #2]
Form S-1 Appendix 2_[Clearing Rules Part I - Common Part]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 3_[Clearing License]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 4_[Banking License]_[NCC]
Form S-1 Appendix 5_[The NCC's CEO Commitment #1]
Form S-1 Appendix 1_[Charter of Company]_[NCC]
Form FBOT Appendix 26_PFMI Assessment Report_[Russian FMI regulation]
Form FBOT Appendix 27_USDRUB FX Fixing_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 25_[Federal Law On Organized Trading]
Form FBOT Appendix 18_[Certificate #1 on Company Registration (MOEX)]
Form FBOT Appendix 19_[Certificate #2 on Company Registration (MOEX)]
Form FBOT Appendix 14_[Financial Benchmarks]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 15_[Trading Limits]_[NCC]
Form FBOT Appendix 16_Procedure for Submission of Information_MOEX
Form FBOT Appendix 17_[CBR Confirmation]_[CBR]
Form FBOT Appendix 13_[Ineffective and Erroneous Transactions]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 9_[Admission Rules]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 10_[Methodology for Calculation of SP]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 11_[License of the Exchange]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 12_[Commitment]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 6_[USD-RUB FX Futures Specification]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 7_[Laws and regulation]
Form FBOT Appendix 8_[Derivatives Trading Rules]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 2_[Charter of Company]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 3_[Service Agreement on Organized Trading]_[MOEX]
Form FBOT Appendix 4_[Clearing Agreement]_[NCC]
Form FBOT Appendix 5_[RTS Index Futures Specification]_[MOEX]