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Statement of Chairman Timothy Massad on Proposed Amendments to the Swap Data Access Provisions

January 13, 2017

The increased reporting of data on swaps transactions is an important reform of the derivatives markets agreed to by the G20 leaders in 2009. Today, thanks to this reporting, regulators across the globe are in a better position to assess exposures and risks related to this market. Because of the global nature of the market, it is critical for regulators to be able to share information, subject to appropriate confidentiality and other protections.

That’s why I am pleased we are issuing this proposal, which will make it easier for other regulators, both domestic and foreign, to gain access to swap data repository (SDR) swap data. The proposal would conform our rules to various changes Congress made in the law and provide a process for sharing of information. Among other things, Congress removed a requirement that another regulator must indemnify both the Commission and the swap data repository for expenses related to litigation before data could be shared. To date, no domestic or foreign regulator has provided such an indemnification. Today’s proposal removes this requirement in the CFTC’s own rules, makes other changes consistent with Congressional action, and creates a process for when and how other regulators gain access to SDR information that will protect confidentiality.

I thank my fellow Commissioners Bowen and Giancarlo for their unanimous support for this proposal. I also thank the hardworking CFTC staff for all their efforts.

Last Updated: January 13, 2017