External Meetings: Staff Meeting with Working Group of Commercial Energy Firms

The attendees discussed the definitions of the terms: 1) swap dealer (third prong and de minimis); 2) major swap participant (systemic risk, commercial risk); and 3) swap (intent to be physically settled in forward exclusion). The attendees further discussed implementation of mandatory margin and capital requirements, and documentation standards.
II. Definitions

IV. Business Conduct Standards - Internal

V. Capital & Margin

XXI. Joint Rules w/ SEC
CFTC Staff
Eric Juzenas

Dan Berkovitz

Terry Arbit

George Wilder

Thelma Diaz

David Aron

Steve Kane

Natalie M. Radhakrishnan

Mark Fajfar

Julian Hammar

Rose Troia

Seomi Song

Chul Park

Jennifer Bauer

Jody Partridge
Michael Sweeney

Joseph T. Kelliher

Kate Stengle

Ronald Oppenheimer

Lael Campbell

Vince Johnson

Gregory Staton

Tiffany Silvey

Brian Wiese

Ike Gibbs

James Allison

Benjamin Heard

Manu Asthana

Charles Cerria

Tom McGown (SEC)

Mark Attar (SEC)
Hunton & Williams LLP

FPL Group

NextEra Energy

Vitol, Inc.

Constellation Energy

BP North America

DTE Energy Trading, Inc.

Luminant Power

MidAmerican Energy


Direct Energy

Direct Energy Upstream

Hess Corporation