External Meetings: Labor and Consumer Groups

"The following topics were discussed: (1) Definitions, such as Swap Dealer, Major Swap Participant, Security-Based Swap Dealer and Major Security-Based Swap Participant. The discussion centered around whether the definitions should be based on the size or functions of the parties, and how the definitions involve the concept of systemic risk. There was also discussion of the definition of ?commercial risk? and the difference between using swaps for hedging as compared to speculating.
II. Definitions

III. Business Conduct Standards w/ Counterparties

V. Capital & Margin

VII. DCO Core Principles

VIII. Process for Review of Swaps

X. Systemically Important DCO Rules

XI. End-user Exception

XII. DCM Core Principles

XIII. SEF Registration

XVII. Data Recordkeeping

XVIII. Real Time Reporting

XXVI. Position Limits
CFTC Staff
Mark Fajfar

George Wilder
Tom Eady (SEC)

Heather Slavkin (AFL-CIO)

Michael Greenberger (University of MD)

Robert Pollin (UMass)

David Frenk (Better Markets)

Mike Masters (Masters Capital Management)

Wallace Turbevilla (Roosevelt Institute)

Leslie Kramovich (AFR)

Haimera Workie (SEC)

Rich Ferlauto (SEC)

Michael Gaw (SEC)

Jennifer McCarthy (SEC)

Kris Easter (SEC)

Cristie March (SEC)

Shzanne McGoverns (SEC)

Mark Donohue (SEC)

Natasha Cowen (SEC)

Kim Allen (SEC)

Mike Hershaft (SEC)

Rober Rieper (SEC)

Marta Chaffee (SEC)

David Michehl (SEC)

Richard Vorosmarti (SEC)

Paula Jenson (SEC)

Matt Reed (SEC)

Paris Nourmohammadi (Univ of Maryland)

Jung Lee (Univ. of Maryland)

Tina Barry (SEC)

Bonnie Gauch (SEC)

Mark Attar (SEC)

Joshua Kans (SEC)

Peter Curley (SEC)

Katherine Martin (SEC)

Tiago Requeijo (SEC)
Americans for Financial Reform