External Meetings: CFTC consultation with the National Futures Association

The consultation was conducted via teleconference. Participants discussed: (i) self-regulation and swap execution facilities; (ii) surveillance for compliance with aggregate position limits; (iii) real time reporting of swap transactions; and (iv) costs associated with NFA acting as a swaps utility.
XIII. SEF Registration
CFTC Staff
Riva Adriance

Steven Benton

Rachel Berdansky

Jane Croessmann

Anthony Hays

Adam Kezsbom

Nancy Markowitz

Mauricio Melara

Michael Penick

Gregory Price

Jeffrey Steiner

Nadia Zakir
Michael Abramovitz (NFA)

Benjamin Cooper (NFA)

Michael Crowley (NFA)

Dan Driscoll (NFA)

Ken Haase (NFA)

David Hawrysz (NFA)

Tim McHenry (NFA)

Dan Roth (NFA)

Tom Sexton (NFA)

Jason Tanner (NFA)

Regina Thoele (NFA)

Karen Wuertz (NFA)
The National Futures Association (NFA)