External Meetings: Meeting with TriOptima

Chairman Gensler and CFTC staff met with TriOptima to discuss issue related to implementing the various data provisions of the Dodd Frank act. Issues discussed were: (1) What should be considered core SDR functions; (2) TriOptima?s business model and various services it provides and how those would relate to SDR functions; (3) Discussion of how confirmation occurs for TriOptima-reported swaps; (4) Usefulness and design of unique IDs for swaps, especially product IDs; (5) Issues related to indemnification provisions under Dodd-Frank; (6) European regulators? ideas with respect to SDRs? geographic location and sharing of data outside of Europe; (7) Inclusion of valuation data in SDR files; (8) MOUs among regulators, if necessary, to access SDR data.
XVI. Swap Data Repositories Registration

XVII. Data Recordkeeping

XVIII. Real Time Reporting
CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler

Eric Juzenas

Cyrus Amir-Mokri

Jeff Burns

Susan Nathan

David Taylor

Adedayo Banwo
Per Sj?berg (TO)

Raf Pritchard (TO)