External Meetings: Meeting with Morgan Stanley

II. Definitions

I. Registration

V. Capital & Margin

III. Business Conduct Standards w/ Counterparties

CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler, Stephen Sherrod, John Riley, Dan Berkovitz, Ananda Radhakrishnan, John Lawton, Thelma Diaz, Eileen Donovan, Bruce Fekrat, and Andrea Musalem. Note, Riva Adriance and Mauricio Melara arrived toward the end of the meeting.
Stephen O’Connor, (Managing Director, Counterparty Portfolio Management, Fixed Income Division); James Hill, (Managing Director, Structured Credit Products, Fixed Income Division); Alan Thomas, (Managing Director, Equity Financing Products, Institutional Equity Division); William McCoy, (Managing Director, Legal and Compliance Division); Richard Ostrander, (Managing Director, Legal and Compliance Division); Candice Koederitz, (Managing Director) and; Nancy King, (Managing Director)
Morgan Stanley