External Meetings: CFTC staff consultation with the National Futures Association

The consultation was conducted via teleconference.~ ~Participants discussed: (i) considerations regarding membership and contractual arrangements relating to market participants; (ii) potential division of regulatory responsibilities between self-regulatory organizations and market participants; (iii) considerations regarding enforcement processes; and (iv) cross-market issues.
XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Riva Adriance

Rachel Berdansky

Jane Croessmann

Anthony Hays

Adam Kezsbom

Thomas Leahy

Nancy Markowitz

Mauricio Melara

James Moser

Michael Penick

Gregory Price

Sebastian Pujol Schott

George Pullen
Michael Abramowitz (NFA)

Benjamin Cooper (NFA)

Michael Crowley (NFA)

Daniel Driscoll (NFA)

Kenneth Haase (NFA)

Timothy McHenry (NFA)

Daniel Roth (NFA)

Thomas Sexton (NFA)

Regina Thoele (NFA)

Karen Wuertz (NFA)
The National Futures Association (NFA)