External Meetings: Meeting with State Street Global Markets

Topics covered:~ ~SEF Rules - the participants discussed the definition of Swap Execution Facility. In particular, the meeting included discussion of governance and conflicts of interest in the context of swap execution facilities, as well as the impact on the swaps marketplace of transparency, trade reporting, impartial access and block trades.~ ~DCO Rules - membership rules and buy-side access to clearing services.~ ~Segregation and Bankruptcy Rules - segregation of assets for margin.
VI. Segregation and Bankruptcy

VII. DCO Core Principles

X. Systemically Important DCO Rules

XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler

Cyrus Amir-Mokri

Tim Karpoff

Megan Sperling

Ananda Radhakrishnan

John Lawton

Robert Wasserman

Riva Adriance
David Puth

Stefan Gavell

Cliff Lewis

Joseph Barry
State Street Global Markets