External Meetings: Meeting with Bloomberg

The meeting was held at Bloomberg's Washington, D.C. office.~~~ ~~~Participants discussed: (i) Bloomberg's business and operations with respect to fixed income and derivatives; (ii) methods of execution; and (iii) processing of fixed income and derivatives transactions.
XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Bart Chilton

Elizabeth Ritter

Clay Pederson

Megan Sperling

Dan Berkovitz

Riva Adriance

Jane Croessmann

Anthony Hays

Mauricio Melara

Sebastian Pujol Schott
Greg Dumark (B)

George Harrington (B)

Nathan Jenner (B)

Joseph Zangri (B)

George Baker (WJ)
Bloomberg (B)

Williams & Jensen, PLLC (WJ)