External Meetings: Meeting with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Management of different margining approaches across different segregation classes~Discussion on the role of the FCM in managing operational and settlement risk between clearing houses and clients~Ownership/Governance rules.  ~Individual account segregation issue.  ~Commission-initiated review of swaps to determine whether they should be cleared (Sec.723(a)(3))~Who is required to clear?~Ability of CCP's to measure the "ability to pay/available capital" of each FCM in relation to potential assessments, and monitoring across the system. ~Ensuring appropriate incentives for CCPs managing the capital of members~Proposed caps on CCP/SEF beneficial ownership; voting rights; representation on risk committees.~Criteria and timing for registration as Swap Dealer/ Security Based Swap Dealer
I. Registration

II. Definitions

V. Capital & Margin

VI. Segregation and Bankruptcy

VII. DCO Core Principles

VIII. Process for Review of Swaps

IX. Governance & Possible Limits

X. Systemically Important DCO Rules

XI. End-user Exception

CFTC Staff
Ananda Radhakrishnan
David C. Sturm

Alessandro Cocco

Christiane Macedo

Jeremy Barnum

Armand Nakkab

Thomas J. Benison

Mark Lenczowski
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.