External Meetings: Meeting with Javelin

The meeting was held at the CFTC's Washington, D.C. office.


Participants discussed: (i) Javelin's business and operations; (ii) objectives and requirements relating to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act; (iii) central limit order books; and (iv) considerations regarding impartial access, transparency, market surveillance and risk management.
XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Riva Adriance
Steven Benton
Jane Croessmann
John Forkkio
Anthony Hays
Mauricio Melara
Martin Murray
Dhaval Patel
Michael Penick
Gregory Price
Sebastian Pujol Schott
David Van Wagner
Nadia Zakir
Jamie Cawley (J)
Michael Hisler (J)
Jake Seher (V)
Javelin (J)
Venable LLP (V)