External Meetings: Conference Call with HFTs

1. Background on automated high frequency trading.~2. Follow-up from October 12 Technology Advisory Committee meeting ~3. Market manipulation and disruptive trading practices proposed rules ~4. Review of other issues and why it is important that CFTC proposed rules be focused and precise
XXIII. Anti-Manipulation

XXIV. Disruptive Trading Practices

CFTC Staff
Robert Pease

William Penner

Andrei Kirilenko

Brian Walsh

Jeremy Cusimano

Ralph Avery

Maria Godel

Mary Connelly

David Kass

James Goodwin

Michael Penick
Liam Connell, Allston Trading

Richard Gorelick, RGM Advisors

Adam Nunes, Hudson River Trading

Cameron Smith, Quantlab Financial

Chris Smith, Summit Global Strategies

Micah Green, Patton Boggs

Matthew Kulkin, Patton Boggs

Jacqueline Emerson, APCO Worldwide
Allston Trading

RGM Advisors

Hudson River Trading

Quantlab Financial

Summit Global Strategies

Patton Boggs

APCO Worldwide