External Meetings: Meeting with Agricultural Market Participants

During a meeting with participants in the agricultural markets to discuss wheat convergence, the participants also discussed the definition of agricultural swaps and bona fide hedge exemptions, position limits on physical commodities, and pre-trade and post execution transparency in agricultural swaps.
II. Definitions

XIX. Agricultural Swaps

XXVI. Position Limits

CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler

Christa Lachenmayr

David Amato

David Kass

Scott Schneider

David Rosenfeld

Ralph DerAsadourian

Rosemary Hollinger
Tom Coyle (Midera and National Grain and Feed Association)

Jeff Hainline (Advance Trading)

Darrell Holaday (Advanced Market Concepts)

Scott Irwin (University of Illinois)

Mark Nelson (Kansas Farm Bureau)

Dan O'Brien (Kansas State University)

Moran Shay (Shay Grain and KCBOT)

Stan Stark (Haviland Coop)

Tom Tunnell (Kansas Grain and Feed Association)

Doug Yoder (Illinois Farm Bureau)

National Grain and Feed Assn

Advance Trading

Advanced Market Concepts

University of Illinois

Kansas Farm Bureau

Kansas State University

Shay Grain

Kansas City Board of Trade Wheat Cash Committee

Haviland Coop

Kansas Grain and Feed Association

Illinois Farm Bureau