External Meetings: Meeting with Edison Electric Institute

Documentation associated with the swap transactions (master agreement, confirmation, credit support agreement, etc.)
XVII. Data Recordkeeping

CFTC Staff
Irina Leonova

David Taylor

Jeff Steiner

Greg Kuserk
Eric Driscoll (The Dayton Poer and Light)

Steve Henry(The Dayton Poer and Light)

Lopa Parikh (Edison Electric Institute)

Aaron Trent (Edison Electric Institute)

Dave Perlman (Exelon Corporation)

Carl Coscia (Constellation Energy)

Jason Bishop (Dominion Resources)

David Holden (Dominion Resources)

Chris Bernard (Edison International)

Nicole Daggs (NexEra Energy Resources)

Matthew Fuller (NexEra Energy Resources)

Paula May Stepleton (American Electric Power Service)

Joanne E Goza (American Electric Power Service)

Jay E Jadwin (American Electric Power Service)

Noel Trask (Exelon Corporation)

Heather Harrison (Southern California Edison)

Maria Seidler (Dominion Resources)

Ned Williams (Duke Energy)

Michael Chen (Duke Energy)

Mark Tourangeau (NextEra Energy Resources)

Scott Butler (ConEd)

Nick Galleti (ConEd)

Sylvia Dooley (ConEd)
(The Dayton Poer and Light)

(Edison Electric Institute)

(Exelon Corporation)

(Constellation Energy)

(Dominion Resources)

(Edison International)

(NexEra Energy Resources)

(American Electric Power Service)

(Exelon Corporation)

(Southern California Edison)

(Dominion Resources)

(Duke Energy)