External Meetings: Meeting with Pension Representatives

• Instances when pensions might be considered the reporting counterparty for swaps~• Choice of Swap Data Repositories ~• Unique Counterparty Identifiers and legal implications~• Determination of terms of a swap with economic consequences~• Verification of Primary Economic Terms Data~• Whether a confirmation for an uncleared swap is done manually or electronically
XVII. Data Recordkeeping

CFTC Staff
Irina Leonova

David Taylor
• Lynn Dudley – American Benefits Council

• Diann Howland – American Benefits Council

• Bella Sanevich - NISA Investment Advisors

• Kent Mason – Davis Harman

• Jim Harshaw – Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets

• Rachel Reicher – Skadden

• Eric Silva – Winston & Strawn
American Benefits Council

NISA Investment Advisors

Davis Harman

Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets


Winston & Strawn