External Meetings: Meeting with Nodal Exchange

Commission staff met with representatives of Nodal Exchange to discuss issues related to the implementation of the DCM and SEF proposed rules.  Nodal Exchange expressed concern about: (i) the timing of compliance with the SEF rules when seeking temporary grandfather relief and (ii) how their existing auction platform might meet the requirements of a SEF or DCM.
XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Riva Spear Adriance

Mauricio Melara

Nadia Zakir

Amir Zaidi

Aaron Brodsky

Lois Gregory

Swati Shah

Laurian Cristea

Adam Kezsbom

Steven Seitz

Jane Croessmann

Greg Price

Steve Benton

Irina Leonova

Jim Moser
Paul Cusenza (Nodal)

Ann Sacra (Nodal)

Anita Herrera (Nodal)
Nodal Exchange