External Meetings: Futures Industry Association (FIA) Board Meeting

Topics discussed:~--Extraterritorial application of Dodd-Frank~--Position Limits (aggregation and consolidation for asset managers; netting of futures and swap positions)~--Block trades~--Funds segregated but held in omnibus accounts
II. Definitions

XIII. SEF Registration

XVIII. Real Time Reporting

XXVI. Position Limits

XXVII. Investment Adviser Reporting

CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler

John Riley
Richard Berliand

Mary Ann Burns, FIA

Gonzalo Chocano, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Maria Chiodi, Credit Suisse

Bill Metzger, Citi

David Mitchell, Fried Frank

Matthew Rees, R.J. O'Brien & Associates, LLC

Guy Sheets, FIA

Barbara Wierzynski, FIA

Angelique Wilkins, FIA

Don Wilson, DRW Trading Group

Arthur McCoy, Morgan Stanley

Steve Mahoney, Credit Suisse

Bonnie Litt, Goldman Sachs

Najib Lamhaouar, Citi

William Knottenbelt, The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

Raymond Kahn, Barclays Capital, Inc.

Peter Johnson, J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC

Jeff Jennings, Credit Suisse

Chris Hehmeyer, HTG Capital Partners, LLC

Greg Hardiman, UBS

Arthur Hahn, Katten Muchin

Kevin Foley, Katten Muchin

Laurie Ferber, MF Global

Athanassios Diplas, Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.

Gary DeWaal, Newedge

John Damgard, FIA

Robert Cos, HSBC Securities (USA), Inc.
Futures Industry Association Board of Directors