External Meetings: Meeting with Markit and MarkitSERV

Representatives from Markit and MarkitSERV discussed the extraterritorial application of the Dodd-Frank Act (Act) reporting, clearing and trading requirements.  Specifically, the representatives asked the Commission to: (1) issue guidance on the extraterritorial reach of the Act in order to provide clarity to market participants; (2) define the term "qualified vendor"; and (3) harmonize the Commission’s swap rules with the rules of domestic and foreign regulators.
II. Definitions

IV. Business Conduct Standards – Internal

XIII. SEF Registration

XVII. Data Recordkeeping

XVIII. Real Time Reporting

CFTC Staff
Framk Fisanich

Sarah Josephson

Carl Kennedy

Jackie Mesa

Dhaval Patel

Barry McCarty

Phyllis Cela

Mauricio Melara

Lee Ann Duffy
Peter Y. Malyshev (Latham & Watkins)

Adam Kansler (Markit)

Matthew Perry (Markit)

Jeff Gooch (Markit)

Gina Ghent (Markit)

Jeff Waddle (MarkitSERV)

Allison Kelrick (Markit)

Jon Ammons (Latham & Watkins)


Latham & Wakins (as counsel)