External Meetings: Meeting with GFI

Participants discussed SEF execution methods, whether hybrid and/or voice brokerage operations are permissible under the Dodd-Frank Act, voice brokerage trading protocols (e.g., work-ups and right of first refusals), and SEF compliance issues. The CFTC staff were given a tour of GFI's operations.
XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
David Van Wagner, Bella Rozenberg, Sebastian Pujol Schott, Nadia Zakir, Amir Zaidi
Michael Cosgrove (GFI), Colin Heffron (GFI), Richard Giles (GFI), James Higgins (GFI), Dan Glatter (GFI), Abe Zucker (GFI), Lauren Burd (GFI), Scott Pintoff (GFI), Chris Giancarlo (GFI), Bill Shields (GFI), Micah Green (Patton Boggs)
GFI, Patton Boggs