External Meetings: Meeting with FIA and FCM Representatives

Discussions concerned implementation of final rule 1.73, specifically, issues concerning screening orders for compliance with risk-based limits pre-execution, the role of the executing broker and clearing broker, and the need to ensure that all trades are fully guaranteed at the instant of execution.
VII. DCO Core Principles

CFTC Staff
Gary Gensler

Stephen Obie

Ananda Radhakrishnan

Christopher Hower

Steven Adamske
Michael Dawley, FIA Chairman, Goldman Sachs

Bonnie Litt, Goldman Sachs

Gary DeWaal, FIA Special Adviser, Newedge

John Nicholas, Newedge

Maria Chiodi, Credit Suisse

Jeff Jennings, FIA Board Member, Credit Suisse

John Dabbs, Credit Suisse

Gerry Corcoran, FIA Treasurer, R.J. O'Brien

Craig Abruzzo, Morgan Stanley

Barbara Wierzynski, FIA

Goldman Sachs


Credit Suisse

R.J. O'Brien

Morgan Stanley