External Meetings: Teleconference with Newedge

Newedge had specific questions regarding eligible collateral, capital charges for uncollateralized trades and calculation methods for margin and capital charges for SDs. Newedge expressed special interest in the approval processes for the use of risk models, whether internal, third party, or DCO-linked. Staff informed Newedge that these issues are still undecided, pending coordination efforts with other regulatory bodies.
V. Capital & Margin

CFTC Staff
John Lawton (DCR); Thomas Smith; Jason Shafer; Francis Kuo; Rafael Martinez (DSIO)
Bill Gerlesits - Chief Compliance Officer (Newedge)

Didier Livio  -  Head of Market and Portfolio Risk-Americas (Newedge)
Jeff Pollack  -  NUSA Chief Financial Officer (Newedge)

John Nicholas  -   Global Head of New Regulation Monitoring and Implementation (Newedge)
Reggie Griffith - Compliance Officer (Newedge)
Rick Jackson  -   Global Head of Client and Corporate Processes (Dodd Frank Program Lead)(Newedge)

Scott Kremers (Peritius Consulting) - Dodd Frank Program Manager(Newedge)
Susan Gaughan  -  NUSA Chief of Staff (Newedge)