Remarks of Commissioner Michael V. Dunn before the Energy Markets Advisory Committee

June 10, 2008

Thank you Mr. Chairman for leading today’s meeting. I commend you for your work in this vitally important area, and look forward to hearing from the industry participants and experts you have gathered today to speak about transparency in our energy markets and potential best practices that can provide consumers with confidence in our markets’ utility, vitality and security.

Our goal as a Commission is to ensure that the energy markets we regulate function properly and are free of manipulation and other abusive practices. As is evidenced by our recently announced energy initiatives and lengthy enforcement track record in these markets, we take this mission very seriously. Even so, Americans are feeling the effects of high energy prices at the pumps, on their family farms, and at the workplace. They are looking to us for answers, and wondering why they are paying record prices for their energy needs. My hope is that today we begin a dialogue with the Committee’s members that allows us to answer this and other questions.

I look forward to hearing the experiences of our panelists and once again, Mr. Chairman, I thank you for calling today’s meeting.

Last Updated: June 10, 2010