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"Precious Parameters"

Statement of Commissioner Bart Chilton at the 9th CFTC Public Meeting on Rulemaking under the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

January 13, 2011

As regulators, I think we have one key mission. It is embodied in the Commodity Exchange Act.  We have a singularity of purpose to ensure efficient and effective markets and to prevent and deter fraud, abuse and manipulation.   Quite frankly, I think we can do better.  We can because the new Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires that we develop what many of us consider to be some fairly precious parameters.

Today, I am hopeful we will move forward to propose a position limits rule, a most precious parameter that we should have proposed much earlier in a way that would have implemented the provision as Congress intended.  That's not happening.

Yesterday, eight U. S. Senators told us to move forward on limits.  That follows two other senatorial letters from last month.

This is a Commission of five individuals, a group of people who make these decisions.  That pretty much ensures no individual will get their way all the time.   I'm certainly not getting my way on position limits, nor are the Senators who wrote to us.

I am thankful that we will have position points in place as a kind of glide path to position limits.  As I've said repeatedly, points are not limits.  However, they will help us learn more and do better as we go forward in further developing important—and precious— parameters.

Last Updated: January 13, 2011