Commissioner Johnson to Deliver Keynote at AI Civil and Human Rights Policy Roundtable and Book Workshop
Commissioner Pham to Speak at HSBC Global Investment Summit
Commissioner Johnson Announces CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee Meeting on April 9
At this meeting, the MRAC will introduce formal recommendations, reports, and presentations that offer insightful guidance consistent with the Commission’s efforts to strengthen the stability of the U.S. financial system by addressing timely and diverse issues. These include an effective approach to manage the resilience, recovery, or wind down of central counterparties; the implications of concentration risk in intermediation; the U.S. treasury cash-futures basis trade and risk-management considerations; a work plan for the integration of artificial intelligence in our markets; possible recommendations regarding efforts to manage climate-related market risks; and updates on the work of several workstreams on block implementation rules, post-trade risk reduction services, and margin transparency, margin procyclicality and margin calls, here.
Commissioner Pham to Speak at The George Washington University’s Belva Lockwood Society Award Luncheon
Commissioner Goldsmith Romero to Speak on Emerging Issues in U.S. Financial Services Regulation at Georgetown University Law Center
Chairman Behnam to Keynote at the 2024 Spring National Agricultural Credit Conference
Commissioner Johnson to Deliver Keynote at Fintech Summit Hosted by the South African Reserve Bank