Commissioner Stump to Keynote at ISDA’s Derivatives Trading Forum: Political Change and the Pandemic
Commissioner Stump to Participate in a Fireside Chat at the “Shining a Light on Digital Assets Market 2021” Conference
Commissioner Berkovitz to Participate on a Panel at the D.C. Bar
CFTC’s Agricultural Advisory Committee to Meet via Teleconference June 9
Meeting to discuss a report from the Subcommittee to Evaluate Commission Policy with Respect to Implementation of Amendments to Enumerated Agricultural Futures Contracts with Open Interest (Ag-OI); as well as a discussion on global agricultural commodity derivatives contracts and other agricultural risk management issues. Full details, including minutes and agenda, here.
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Commissioner Berkovitz to Keynote at the FIA and SIFMA AMG, Asset Management Derivatives Forum 2021
Acting Chairman Behnam to Speak at ARRC’s “The SOFR Symposium: The Final Year”
CFTC’s Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee to Meet June 3
Meeting to discuss domestic and international cap-and-trade markets and carbon derivatives markets and receive a staff update on recent events in the energy derivatives markets. Full details, including agenda, here.
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