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List of Foreign Entities That Have Been Identified as Acting in a Capacity That Appears to Require Registration but Are Not Appropriately Registered With the Commission

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) frequently receives leads and questions from the public about foreign entities that solicit and/or accept funds from U.S. residents. Most typically, these leads and questions involve foreign entities that engage in foreign currency (Forex) trading in a capacity similar to Retail Foreign Exchange Dealers, Introducing Brokers, Commodity Trading Advisors or Commodity Pool Operators; and binary options. Many of these foreign entities are acting in a capacity that requires them to be registered with the CFTC.

If a foreign entity is registered with the CFTC, then it is subject to CFTC regulation and oversight. Generally, foreign entities that solicit you to trade in, among other things, Forex and binary options, are required to register with the CFTC. For this reason, it is important for you to consider whether the foreign entity that solicits you is, in fact, registered with the CFTC.

In certain cases, a preliminary review by the CFTC reveals that foreign entities that solicit and/or accept funds from U.S. residents for trading in Forex and binary options, have no U.S. presence, and act in a capacity that requires registration, but are not in fact registered. In an effort to warn the public about these entities, the CFTC is publishing the names of those foreign entities.

The goal of this list is to provide information to U.S. consumers about foreign entities that are acting in an unregistered capacity and to help them make more informed decisions about whether to trade with or through such an entity. The more that U.S. consumers trade with and through registered entities, the more likely that their funds will have a greater chance of being protected.

The below named foreign entities appear to be acting in a capacity that requires registration with the CFTC. The below named foreign entities, however, are NOT registered with the CFTC. The CFTC will regularly update this list.

Date Entered Company/Individual Location
1/1/15 Example Forex Trading Company London, England
1/5/15 Example Forex Trading Company #2 Paris, France
1/10/15 Example Forex Individual Moscow, Russia
1/19/15 Example Forex Company #3 Bangkok, Thailand
1/22/15 Example Forex Company #4 Sydney, Australia

Please note that the inclusion of an entity’s name on the RED list does not mean that the CFTC or a Court has concluded that a violation of any provision of the Commodity Exchange Act or the Commission’s Regulations has occurred.