[Federal Register Volume 88, Number 124 (Thursday, June 29, 2023)]
[Page 42047]
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[FR Doc No: 2023-13871]



Global Markets Advisory Committee

AGENCY: Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

ACTION: Notice of meeting.


SUMMARY: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announces that 
on July 17, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time), the 
Global Markets Advisory Committee (GMAC or Committee) will hold an in-
person meeting for GMAC members at the New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall 
Street, New York, New York, with options for the public to attend 
virtually. At this meeting, the GMAC will focus on topics related to 
U.S. Treasury market reforms, swap block thresholds, and tokenization 
of assets. The GMAC will also address procedural matters, including 
topics of discussion on a forward-looking basis.

DATES: The meeting will be held on July 17, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
(Eastern Standard Time). Members of the public who wish to submit 
written statements in connection with the meeting should submit them by 
July 24, 2023.

ADDRESSES: The meeting will take place at the New York Stock Exchange, 
11 Wall Street, New York, New York, for GMAC members. Members of the 
public may attend the meeting virtually via teleconference or live 
webcast. You may submit public comments, identified by Global Markets 
Advisory Committee, through the CFTC website at https://comments.cftc.gov. Follow the instructions for submitting comments 
through the Comments Online process on the website. If you are unable 
to submit comments online, contact Brigitte Weyls, Designated Federal 
Officer, via the contact information listed below to discuss alternate 
means of submitting your comments. Any statements submitted in 
connection with the committee meeting will be made available to the 
public, including publication on the CFTC website, https://www.cftc.gov.

Federal Officer, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, 77 West Jackson 
Blvd., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60604; (312) 596-0700; or Gates S. 
Hurand, GMAC Alternate Designated Federal Officer, Commodity Futures 
Trading Commission, 290 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, New York 10007 
(646) 746-9700, [email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Members of the public may listen to the 
meeting by telephone by calling a domestic or international toll or 
toll-free number to connect to a live, listen-only audio feed. Call-in 
participants should be prepared to provide their first name, last name, 
and affiliation. The meeting will also be open to the public via 
    Domestic Toll and Toll-Free Numbers:

833 435 1820 U.S. Toll Free
833 568 8864 U.S. Toll Free
+1 669 254 5252 U.S. (San Jose)
+1 646 828 7666 U.S. (New York)
+1 646 964 1167 U.S. (U.S. Spanish Line)
+1 415 449 4000 U.S. (U.S. Spanish Line)
+1 551 285 1373 U.S.
+1 669 216 1590 US (San Jose)

    International Toll- and Toll Free Numbers: Will be posted on the 
CFTC's website, https://www.cftc.gov, on the page for the meeting, 
under Related Links.
    Call-In/Webinar ID: 161 909 7276.
    Passcode/Pin Code: 284176.
    Members of the public may also view a live webcast of the meeting 
via the https://www.cftc.gov website. The meeting agenda may change to 
accommodate other Committee priorities. For agenda updates, please 
visit https://www.cftc.gov/About/AdvisoryCommittees/GMAC.
    After the meeting, a transcript of the meeting will be published 
through a link on the CFTC's website, https://www.cftc.gov. Persons 
requiring special accommodations to attend the meeting virtually or via 
teleconference because of a disability should notify the individual 
listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT section of this notice.
    Authority: 5 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.

    Dated: June 26, 2023.
Robert Sidman,
Deputy Secretary of the Commission.
[FR Doc. 2023-13871 Filed 6-28-23; 8:45 am]