CFTC 2.0

CFTC 2.0 is a core component of LabCFTC. Significant advances in fintech are occurring in a number of areas, including distributed ledger, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Given the great promise of fintech, the CFTC is eager to learn how applications of new technology may be deployed to carry out our mission. CFTC 2.0 is intended to provide the agency opportunities to engage with new technologies to discover ideas and technologies that have the potential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency in carrying out its day-to-day activities. At the same time, CFTC 2.0 provides an opportunity for outreach to fintech innovators. You can contact us directly at [email protected]

Knowing how fintech innovation may directly benefit the CFTC is vital as the agency seeks to oversee markets and participants that increasingly rely on similar applications of technology. This interaction may take several forms.

One example of how this type of interaction can occur is through studies of use cases. Such studies may be useful to demonstrate concepts that address real world scenarios. They may identify opportunities for the CFTC to provide better oversight and support to market participants and also act as a catalyst for the further development and implementation of promising fintech initiatives. Through such interaction, CFTC 2.0 can help inform our understanding of specific ways technological innovation could impact CFTC operations and policy goals.

The CFTC also intends to establish a secure testing environment. A secure, walled-off workspace to conduct experiments has the promise to benefit the agency as staff use it to gain experience with new applications and technologies. We are exploring additional modes of interaction to promote responsible fintech innovation and adoption of new technologies by the CFTC as well.

New technologies hold the promise to change the way the CFTC fulfills its mission. For example, fintech innovation could reshape the way the CFTC conducts market oversight to enhance market and risk surveillance vital to market integrity. fintech innovation may also provide new ways for the CFTC to gather and disseminate market data to improve transparency. Through CFTC 2.0, CFTC staff can explore promising ideas and have the opportunity to develop greater in-house capability and knowledge. And for fintech innovators, participation in the CFTC 2.0 initiative offers an opportunity to refine ideas and demonstrate potential fintech applications.

How Can Fintech innovators engage with CFTC 2.0?

We encourage fintech innovators with ideas of potential interest to the CFTC to contact us directly at [email protected]. We note that our interest in fintech is not limited to particular topic areas. We welcome innovators in all areas of fintech with a good idea to contact us. Over time, CFTC 2.0 may encompass further engagement to achieve its objectives. To that end, we welcome suggestions from innovators and the general public at [email protected].