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USFE USFE will cease exchange operations effective December 31, 2008. 12/23/2008 Certified 02/05/2009 1
USFE Adopts rules governing the trading of FX Spot Equivalent Futures (SEF) futures contracts (100K Base Currency Units), including block trades. USFE #08-07 11/26/2008 Certified 12/31/2008 1
USFE Provides a new pricing model - Maker-Taker Pricing. USFE #08-06 09/11/2008 Certified 09/24/2008 1
USFE Provides a market making program to promote trading in the mini$ DAX futures contracts. USFE #08-05 09/11/2008 Certified 09/15/2008 1
USFE Permits block trades for the mini$ DAX contracts, with a minimum block size of 250 DAX contracts, and provides for error trades. USFE #08-04 09/11/2008 Certified 09/11/2008 1
USFE Adopts a fee schedule that includes a $1.25 per contract charge for all Over the Counter (OTC) business for USD SENSEX, Spot Equivalent Foreign Exchange Futures, and Morningstar Equity Style Index Futures. USFE #08-03 04/14/2008 Certified 04/14/2008 1
USFE Provides Block, EFP, Error Trade and Maximum Order Rules for the trading of futures on the SENSEX Stock Price Index. USFE #08-2 03/20/2008 Certified 03/25/2008 1
USFE Adopts Minimum Order Size and Error Trade rules for the trading of binary options contracts. USFE #07-14 12/05/2007 Certified 12/11/2007 1
USFE Adopts amendments to the Market Maker Agreements for the FX Spot Equivalent Futures contracts to enhance the quality of certain of the FX SEF markets. USFE # 07-13 11/28/2007 Certified 12/10/2007 1
USFE Adopts the USFE standard Market Marker Program for: Futures on ISE Sector Indexes, Futures on Morningstar Indexes, Foreign Exchange Spot Equivalent Futures. USFE #07-12 11/28/2007 Certified 12/10/2007 1
USFE Adopts a market experience pilot program to promote the trading of its Foreign Exchange Spot Equivalent Futures Contracts. USFE #07-11 10/31/2007 Certified 11/01/2007 1
USFE Provides maximum order size, error trade provisions, block minimum size, and EFP rule for certain Morningstar Stock Price Indexes. USFE #07-10 09/26/2007 Certified 10/03/2007 1
USFE Adopts maximum order size, error trade and block trade rules governing trading of futures on Foreign Exchange ("FX") Spot Equivalent Futures ("SEF") Contracts. USFE #07-09 09/19/2007 Certified 09/28/2007 1
USFE Adopts rules governing the trading of futures on certain ISE Stock Price Indexes. USFE #07-08 09/12/2007 Certified 09/21/2007 1
USFE Updates Notification and Certification of change in ownership of U.S. Futures Exchange, effective as of July 1, 2007. 09/07/2007 Certified 10/22/2007 2
USFE Announces the extension of trading hours to 23 hours beginning Sept. 17, 2007, and represents that USFE Operations will be fully staffed to cover the markets. USFE #07-07 09/06/2007 Certified 09/07/2007 1
USFE Amends Part 4 rules to account for the launch of new futures contracts on Weatherbid Indexes on August 24, 2007, including minimum block trade sizes and maximum electronic trade sizes. USFE #07-6 08/15/2007 Certified 08/22/2007 1
USFE Amends Rules 312 and 404 to establish a new market model: USFE will designate a number of competing MMs who will be entitled to priority execution of a certain percentage of their orders in exchange for undertaking specified MM obligations. 08/08/2007 Certified 08/20/2007 1
USFE Provides Interpretation of Rule 940 - Binary Event Futures 04/27/2007 Certified 05/04/2007 1
USFE Amends Certain General Trading Rules (Part 4 of USFE Rules) in Relation to the New Event Products, and Also Notifies the CFTC of the Release of a New Version of the Electronic Trading Platform Software (USFE 1.0). 04/18/2007 Certified 08/20/2007 1
TRUEEX Change of exchange opening hours 08/14/2018 Notified 08/14/2018 1
TRUEEX non-substantive rule changes to definitions and recordkeeping 04/11/2018 Notified 04/11/2018 1
TRUEEX expansion of trading hours 02/16/2018 Notified 02/16/2018 1
TRUEEX Rulebook amendment to reflect extension of No Action letter related to trade erros 06/18/2017 Certified 06/30/2017 1
TRUEEX Amended language at the request of the CFTC Division of Enforcement to ensure these rules regarding fraudulent acts and market manipulation are consistent with the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC Regulations. 09/21/2016 Certified 10/05/2016 1
TRUEEX This is an EMERGENY RULE CERTIFICATION to incorporate the refernce to CFTC no-action letter 16-58 and the new expiration .date, and to remove reference to CFTC no-action letter 15-24 and its June 15, 2016 expiration. 06/14/2016 Certified 06/27/2016 1
TRUEEX Amendment to notify of changes in the exchanges trading hours. 04/07/2016 Notified 04/07/2016 1
TRUEEX certifcation of fees for Block Trades on the DCM Trading System 11/30/2015 Certified 12/14/2015 1
TRUEEX Rulebook amendments required in conjunction with CFTC review of SEF application and to update references to No-Action Letters and their expiration dates. Most of the part 37 regulations have a corresponding part 38 regulation. 11/18/2015 Certified 12/03/2015 1
TRUEEX Submission contains various rule amendments.Many are made at the request of DMO Staff as part of the review process of trueEX's SEF application.trueEX also offers swaps on the DCM & has a consolidated rulebook,therefore trueEX is making this DCM filing. 10/05/2015 Certified 10/20/2015 1
TRUEEX Non-substantive Rulebook amendments 09/21/2015 Notified 09/21/2015 2
TRUEEX DMM Program for Interest Rate Swaps 09/17/2015 Certified 10/01/2015 1
TRUEEX Pursuant to Section 5c(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, and Commission Regulation 40.6(a), trueEX LLC hereby submits to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission certain amendments to the trueEX Rulebook. 03/19/2015 Certified 04/02/2015 1
TRUEEX trueEX LLC DCM Fee Schedule 01/27/2015 Certified 02/10/2015 1
TRUEEX Self certification of rule amendments. 10/30/2014 Certified 11/14/2014 1
TRUEEX Self certification of rule amendments. 08/07/2014 Certified 08/21/2014 4
TRUEEX Updated Table of Amendments/Revisions to Rulebook. TRUEEX #2014-12DR 06/30/2014 Certified 07/16/2014 1
TRUEEX Policies and Procedures regarding trades not accepted for clearing; TRUEEX 06/30/2014 Certified 07/16/2014 1
TRUEEX Various Rule Amendments - TRUEEX #2014-12D 06/26/2014 Certified 07/12/2014 1
TRUEEX Rulebook amendments to remove all references to Regulatory Service Provider and related terms. TRUEEX #2014-11D 06/26/2014 Certified 07/12/2014 1
TRUEEX Amendments to trueEX Rulebook, including Updated Table of Amendments. TRUEEX #2014-07D 04/09/2014 Certified 04/24/2014 1
TRUEEX Clarification of Made Available to Trade Submission of Certain Interest Rate Swaps. TRUEEX #2013-14 (DCM) 02/20/2014 Certified 03/07/2014 1
TRUEEX Amendment to trueEX Rule 304(e) regarding required use of risk controls for Persons with direct access to the trueEX DCM Trading System. TRUEEX #2014-03D 02/10/2014 Certified 02/26/2014 1
TRUEEX Amendments to the Exchange policies and procedures and Rule 547 regarding Bunched Orders and post-execution allocation of transactions to customer accounts. TRUEEX #2014-02D 02/07/2014 Certified 02/25/2014 1
TRUEEX Rule Amendments Related to Sponsored Access. TRUEEX (DCM) #2014-01 02/03/2014 Certified 02/19/2014 1
TRUEEX Policies and Procedures regarding Post-Trade Allocation of Bunched Orders. TRUEEX #2013-18 12/20/2013 Certified 01/08/2014 1
TRUEEX trueEX LLC Rule Amendment of Certain Rules including Updated Table of Amendments/Revisions to Rulebook. TRUEEX #2013-17 12/20/2013 Certified 01/08/2014 1
TRUEEX Written Representation regarding 37.702(b) compliance efforts pursuant to CFTC Letter No. 13-62. TRUEEX #2013-13 10/17/2013 Certified 11/01/2013 1
TRUEEX Policies and Procedures regarding trades not accepted for clearing. TRUEEX #2013-12 10/17/2013 Certified 11/01/2013 3
TRUEEX Amending trueEX Rulebook. TRUEEX #2013-11 09/12/2013 Certified 09/27/2013 1