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Organization Filing Description Receipt Date Status Date Remarks Documents
BTNL Amendments to Exchange Rulebook Definition; Rule 604(e)(vii); Rule1105(a); and Rule 1206(c) 07/17/2020 Certified 07/31/2020 1
BTNL Rulebook Update 05/05/2021 Certified 05/19/2021 1
BTNL Rulebook Update 06/26/2021 Certified 07/12/2021 1
BTNL Bitnomial Rulebook Update 08/30/2021 Certified 09/14/2021 1
BTNL Updated Fees 08/30/2021 Certified 09/14/2021 1
BTNL Bitnomial Incentive Programs Self-Certification 08/30/2021 Certified 09/14/2021 2
BTNL Bitnomial Rulebook Update 12/09/2021 Certified 12/23/2021 1
BTNL Bitnomial Rulebook Update 08/18/2022 Certified 09/01/2022 1
BTNL CTI Code Guidance and Summary Fine Update 10/11/2023 Certified 10/25/2023 1
BTNL Affiliate Clearing Member, Product Name Updates, and Miscellaneous Rule Reference Updates 10/17/2023 Certified 10/31/2023 1
BTNL Bitnomial Rulebook Update 10/30/2023 Certified 11/14/2023 1
CANTOR Adopts Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P. Rules 04/20/2010 Approved 04/20/2010 1
CANTOR Deletion of terms "DBOR," "DBOR Contract," and "DBOR Contract Rules" and amendment to term "Participant Clearing Account" under Exchange Rules. CANTOR # 2010-1. 10/08/2010 Certified 10/19/2010 1
CANTOR Rule amendments clarifying that a Participant may have more than one Account if approved by the Exchange; an Affiliate of the Exchange may trade as a market maker; and Participants may appoint a third party with trading discretion. CANTOR #2010-2 10/08/2010 Certified 10/21/2010 1
CANTOR Rule amendment clarifies the Exchange's ability to carry out the terms of information sharing agreements into which it has entered. CANTOR #2010-3 10/08/2010 Certified 10/21/2010 1
CANTOR 40.6 (a) filing per discussion with CFTC Staff 10/08/2014 Certified 10/23/2014 2
CANTOR Per discussion with Commission Staff, the attached filing is submitted herewith. 10/15/2014 Certified 10/29/2014 1
CANTOR Resumption of listing trading months in BRITISH POUND SPOT INDEX DIGITAL FLEX SWAPS contract. 10/29/2014 Certified 11/13/2014 1
CANTOR Confidential portion of 40.6 filing; and non-nonfidential portiaon 10/31/2014 Withdrawn 11/14/2014 3
CANTOR Per discussion with Commission staff, designation of and rules respecting "Referring Participants" and "Referred Participants". 01/29/2015 Certified 02/12/2015 1
CANTOR Referring Participant and API Participant Incentive programs 04/30/2015 Certified 05/14/2015 1
CANTOR This Rule change amends the bank account requirements for applicants. 06/12/2015 Certified 06/26/2015 1
CANTOR Revision to Rule III-1(f) 07/31/2015 Certified 08/14/2015 1
CANTOR Revisions to certain defined terms and cleanup of typographical errors and numbering. 01/21/2016 Certified 02/04/2016 1
CANTOR Advisory FAQ Rule InterpretationCommodity Pools, Other Participants That Are Entities and the Relationship of Authorized Traders to Natural Person Participants 01/22/2016 Certified 02/05/2016 1
CANTOR Advisory FAQ Rule Interpretation Pre-discussion of Trades 01/25/2016 Certified 02/08/2016 1
CANTOR CX is deleting Rule III-6 and amending CX rule VII-18 to clarify the use and operation of summary authority to deny access by any Participant or Authorized Trader to the exchange. 05/05/2017 Certified 05/19/2017 2
CANTOR CX is certifying the removal of Chapter IX-2100 (the terms and conditions of the Silver Digital Flex Swaps Contract) in its entirety. 09/29/2017 Certified 10/16/2017 1
CANTOR As requested by Commission staff, CX is amending rules V-8, VI-2, VI-5, and adopting rule VI-12. 09/29/2017 Certified 10/16/2017 1
CANTOR Changing entity name from "Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P." to "CX Futures Exchange, L.P." 02/16/2018 Certified 03/05/2018 2
CANTOR Floor Trader Participant 02/20/2018 Certified 03/06/2018 1
CANTOR Filing a new incentive program 06/28/2018 Certified 07/13/2018 1
CANTOR Adding an explicit prohibition of wash trading and front running. 11/02/2018 Certified 11/19/2018 1
CANTOR Updates to Compliance Manual 11/02/2018 Certified 11/19/2018 1
CANTOR Addition of incentive programs 11/30/2018 Certified 12/14/2018 1
CANTOR Modification of certain portions of Rule XI-100. 12/14/2018 Certified 12/31/2018 1
CANTOR New ISV Incentive Program 03/19/2019 Certified 04/02/2019 1
CANTOR Amendment to 2 incentive programs. 07/24/2019 Certified 08/07/2019 1
CANTOR Amendments to Incentive Program 08/30/2019 Certified 09/16/2019 1
CANTOR Supplemental to Compliance Manual to clarify duties and responsibilities of the Control Desk 02/14/2020 Certified 03/02/2020 2
CANTOR Addition of Limit Orders to Contract Rules of existing DARI contract. 03/06/2020 Certified 03/20/2020 2
CANTOR Adding an addendum to Compliance Manual 06/11/2020 Certified 06/25/2020 1
CANTOR discontinued listing trading weeks (contract expiries) pursuant to a Notice to Participants dated June 25, 2020, in its weekly weather markets, including the WEEKLY PRECIPITATION DAY COUNT INDEX CONTRACT ("WPDC Contract") 06/29/2020 Notified 06/29/2020 1
CANTOR CX Futures Exchange, L.P. is adding an addendum to its confidential compliance manual. 04/13/2021 Certified 04/27/2021 1
CANTOR Incentive program for ANSL contract market. 05/05/2021 Certified 05/19/2021 1
CANTOR Adding Exchange Rule V-13 to spell out the rules specific to participants that trade using electronic trading systems. 06/25/2021 Certified 07/12/2021 1
CANTOR CX is hereby amending its Compliance Manual Addendum on Communications with the CFTC to spell out more explicitly its policies with regard to notification in the event of a market disruption. 06/25/2021 Certified 07/12/2021 2
CANTOR CX is hereby amending its Compliance Manual Addendum on Communications with the CFTC to spell out its policies with regard to changes in Key Personnel. 09/09/2021 Certified 09/23/2021 1
CANTOR Amendment to Addendum to Compliance Manual regarding communications with CFTC 11/12/2021 Certified 11/29/2021 2
CANTOR Amendments to Exchange Rules to recognize corporate name change. 04/05/2022 Certified 04/19/2022 2