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CME Change in Trading Hours on Tuesday, January 2, 2007, for the Declared National Day of Mourning for Former President Gerald Ford. CME No. 06-120 01/02/2007 Certified 01/02/2007 1
NYMEX Transfers Trading of New Six Soft Contracts to Globex and Deletes Electronic Trading Error Trade Procedures for Softs as will be Replaced by CME Error Trade Rules. See CME Submission #07-18. NYMEX No. 07.01 01/04/2007 Certified 01/04/2007 1
CBOT Revises Exchange Fee for Mini-sized Contract Permit Holders in Rough Rice, Establishes a Directed Fungbility fee, and Changes CBOT's List of Regular Facilities for Soybean Oil. CBOT No. 2755.01 01/04/2007 Certified 01/04/2007 0
NYMEX Adopts a Block Trade Rule and Limits it to Trading Brent-TI Spreads. NYMEX Number 07.03. 01/04/2007 Certified 01/05/2007 1
CME Revises Globex No Bust Ranges to Add the No Bust Ranges for Newly Listed NYMEX Soft Commodity Products. See NYMEX Submission #07-20. CME No. 07-02 01/05/2007 Certified 01/05/2007 1
CCFE Amends Block Trade Rule to Remove Limitation on Trades to Allow Non-ECPs to Trade by Block Trades. CCFE No. 07-01 01/04/2007 Certified 01/08/2007 0
CCFE Reverses Changes of 1-04-07 that Allowed Non-ECPS to Do Block Trades (Adding Back that Requirement). See CCFE FILAC No. 07-01 01/08/2007 Certified 01/09/2007 0
NYMEX Adopts Compliance Interpretive Notice 01-07 Regarding Trading in COMEX Metals Contracts and Amendments to Position Limit/Accountability Rules for Certain Cash-Settled COMEX Metals Contracts. NYMEX No. 07.02 01/09/2007 Certified 01/12/2007 1
NADEX Removes All Rules Relating to Type of HedgeStreet Contract Formally Referred to as "Fixed Payout Hedgelet Contracts". 01/04/2007 Certified 01/19/2007 1
CME Revises Error Trade Rule ("Globex No Bust Ranges") to add the NYMEX 3-2-1 PLUS contract. CME 07.05 01/19/2007 Certified 01/22/2007 0
ICE US Notifies and Certifies Change in Ownership Due to ICE Acquiring NYBOT under Regulation 38.5(d). 01/19/2007 Certified 01/22/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
CBOT Eliminates Obsolete Reference to CBOT Holdings Class A-2 (Restricted) Shares as the Transfer Restrictions on Series A-2 Stock was lifted. CBOT No. 2758.01 01/23/2007 Certified 01/24/2007 1
NADEX Changes the HedgeStreet Trading Hours to 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST Trading Hours Had Been From 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.). 01/24/2007 Certified 01/24/2007 1
CME Change to Opening Time for Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) Contracts. CME No. 07-09 01/24/2007 Certified 01/24/2007 1
NYMEX Provides for Direct Submission of EFP Trades by Clearing Members; Summarizes Specific Procedures, and the Form to be Used by Clearing Members. NYMEX No. 07.09 01/19/2007 Certified 01/26/2007 1
CME Provides to members Regulatory Advisories: Enforcement of Position Limits and Reminder Regarding Gratuities. CME #07-104 12/12/2007 Certified 01/30/2007 1
CME Adds the No-Bust Ranges for the Spot FX and Euroyen Contracts to "Globex No Bust Ranges". CME No. 07-10 01/29/2007 Certified 01/31/2007 1
CBOT Changes Trading Schedule in Connection with the 2007 Good Friday Exchange Holiday. CBOT No. 2760.01 01/31/2007 Certified 01/31/2007 1
NYMEX Allows Block Trading in NYMEX Soft Futures Contracts, with a Minimum Quantity of 100 Lots. NYMEX No. 07-13 01/26/2007 Certified 02/01/2007 1
OCX Permits the Minimum Block Size to be 100 Contracts/Trade, or a Minimum Number of Contracts Equal to 10,000 Shares of the Underlying Security (or Combined Securities as Relevant) for Single Stock Futures that Have Trading Units Greater than 100 Shares. 02/02/2007 Certified 02/02/2007 1
MGE Updates electronic fees. 02/06/2007 Certified 02/06/2007 1
NADEX Amends the Real-Time Account Funding Program - to Extend Greater Credit 02/01/2007 Certified 02/07/2007 1
ICE US Notice of Early Closing of Open Outcry Trading for Cotton No. 2, FCOJ and NFC futures and options contracts on February 15, 2007. NYBOT No. 07-10 02/08/2007 Certified 02/08/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
ICE US Changes the Electronic Trading Hours for all Futures Contracts Currently Listed Except for FCOJ. NYBOT No. 07-6 02/08/2007 Certified 02/09/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
ICE US Eliminates a Redundant Floor Fine and Permits the Use of Cellular Phones in Areas Outside the Trading Rings. NYBOT No. 07-9 02/08/2007 Certified 02/09/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
CME Earlier Sunday Opening Time for CME Foreign Exchange Contracts on CME Globex. CME No. 07-13 02/13/2007 Certified 02/13/2007 1
NADEX Adopts a New Market Maker Program for DRW, to be Implemented by 3/01/07 01/26/2007 Certified 02/14/2007 0
NADEX Adopts a New Market Maker Program for Susquahanna to be Implemented by 2/01/07 01/26/2007 Certified 02/14/2007 1
NFX Delegates Authority to Executive Committee; Eliminates Admissions, Margin and Commodity Floor Procedure Committees, and Adds Audit Committee; Delegates Former Admissions Committee Functions to Executive Committee and Exchange Staff. PBOT No. SR-PBOT-2007 01/03/2007 Certified 02/15/2007 1
NYMEX Amendments to Trading Card Procedures. NYMEX No. 07.23 02/13/2007 Certified 02/15/2007 1
ICE US Provide for the Board or a Subcommittee of the Board to Act Instead of the Executive Committee. NYBOT No. 07-11. 02/08/2007 Certified 02/16/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
NYMEX Make Clear that the Five-Second Standard Uniformly Applies to all Exchange Electronic Trading Venues. NYMEX No. 07.17 02/08/2007 Certified 02/16/2007 1
NADEX Amends MM Program Originally Submitted on 1/26/07 for SIG and DRW. See FILAC No. 07-10 and 07-11 02/14/2007 Certified 02/16/2007 1
CBOT Establishes "No-Bust" Range for Dow Jones US Real Estate Index Futures. CBOT No. 2767.01 02/16/2007 Certified 02/16/2007 1
NYMEX Clarifies Procedures Related to Holiday Schedule and Unanticipated Closures. NYMEX No. 07.27 02/16/2007 Certified 02/16/2007 1
NYMEX Clarifies and Make Consistent Across Both Divisions the Recordkeeping Requirements of Members who Execute CTI 3 Orders for Other Members. NYMEX No. 07.18 02/08/2007 Certified 02/20/2007 1
CBOT Establishes EMM Program for Dow Jones US Real Estate Index Futures. CBOT No. 2766.01 02/16/2007 Certified 02/20/2007 1
NYMEX Deletes Obsolete Reference to Simultaneous Buying and Selling of Electronic Options on NYMEX. NYMEX No. 07.31 02/21/2007 Certified 02/23/2007 1
NYMEX Allows the Submission of a Block Trade with a Minimum Quantity of 200 Lots in CL and 100 Lots in HO, RB and NG; and Deletes the IXA Rule as Those Trades will Now be Handled as Block Trades. NYMEX NO. 07.32 02/22/2007 Certified 02/26/2007 1
CBOT Designates the GIM Market Category and Codify Eligibility for EFS and EFR transactions for 30 Year Interest Rate Swap Futures. CBOT No. 2770.01 02/28/2007 Certified 02/28/2007 1
NYMEX Notification of the Migration of Silver Contracts to TMS (the Trade Management System) from the On Line Trade Entry System. NYMEX No. 07.37 03/01/2007 Certified 03/01/2007 0
CME Removed Rule 152 from Rulebook Since the GOAL (Global Open Access Learning) Permit Program is No Longer Active. CME No. 07-16 03/01/2007 Certified 03/02/2007 1
NYMEX Permits EFSs for Crude Oil and Heating Oil Futures, Allows TAS trades for the 3rd Contract Month in all Eligible Contracts and Allows REBCO to Trade TAS. (Floor and Globex). NYMEX No. 07.33 02/22/2007 Certified 03/02/2007 1
ICE US Allows the Authority of CEO to be Exercised by President if There is No CEO. NYBOT No. 07-16 02/28/2007 Certified 03/05/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
ICE US Amended Definition of Business Day to Restrict Business Day to a Day on Which Open Outcry Trading Occurs. NYBOT No. 07-17 03/02/2007 Certified 03/07/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
CME Adds to the Globex No Bust Range list, the NYMEX CAT Risk, Dry Whey and Carvill Hurricane Index Contracts. CME No. 07-19 03/08/2007 Certified 03/08/2007 1
CME Eliminates the Term "Arcades" from the "Electronic Corporate Member Transfers" Rule. CME No. 07-20 03/08/2007 Certified 03/08/2007 1
ICE US Includes Any Dispute Concerning the Purchase, Sale, Transfer or Ownership of a Membership to the List of Allowable Claims. NYBOT No. 07-20 03/08/2007 Certified 03/08/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
NADEX Implements a New Way for the HedgeStreet Trading System to Accept Orders from Market Makers. 02/27/2007 Certified 03/08/2007 1
NYMEX Reduces (from 180,000 to 150,000 shares) the Number of NYMEX Holdings Shares to be Maintained by NYMEX Member Firms; and is Only Applicable to NYMEX Division Member Firms. NYMEX No. 07-30 03/09/2007 Certified 03/09/2007 1