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Organization Filing Description Receipt Date Status Date Remarks Documents
ICE US Amendments to New MSCI Contracts Designated Market Maker Program. ICE US #14-62 06/20/2014 Certified 07/08/2014 0
NYLIFFE Provides a Secondment Agreement between Liffe Administration & Management Liffe Market Services Employees. NYLIFFE #2010-F101 05/28/2010 Certified 07/07/2010 0
NYLIFFE Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement. NYLIFFE #2013-127 11/07/2013 Certified 11/23/2013 0
CBOT Delisting eleven interest rate products, comprising three On-the-Run Treasury Yield futures, four Interest Rate Swap futures and four respective suites of companion options on IRS futures. CBOT #13-256 06/24/2013 Withdrawn 06/24/2013 0
CCFE Amends Block Trade Rule to Remove Limitation on Trades to Allow Non-ECPs to Trade by Block Trades. CCFE No. 07-01 01/04/2007 Certified 01/08/2007 0
CCFE Reverses Changes of 1-04-07 that Allowed Non-ECPS to Do Block Trades (Adding Back that Requirement). See CCFE FILAC No. 07-01 01/08/2007 Certified 01/09/2007 0
CBOT Revises Exchange Fee for Mini-sized Contract Permit Holders in Rough Rice, Establishes a Directed Fungbility fee, and Changes CBOT's List of Regular Facilities for Soybean Oil. CBOT No. 2755.01 01/04/2007 Certified 01/04/2007 0
CBOT Provides for block trades and inter-commodity spreads in the new 3-Year US Treasury Notes futures. CBOT #09-031 02/23/2009 Certified 04/21/2009 0
CME Revises Error Trade Rule ("Globex No Bust Ranges") to add the NYMEX 3-2-1 PLUS contract. CME 07.05 01/19/2007 Certified 01/22/2007 0
CBOT Notifies the CFTC of the issuance of Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA0901-5. ("Identification and Registration of Globex Operator IDs") (Tag 50 IDs) CME/CBOT/NYMEX #09-028 02/19/2009 Certified 02/26/2009 0
NADEX Adopts a New Market Maker Program for DRW, to be Implemented by 3/01/07 01/26/2007 Certified 02/14/2007 0
CFE The Amendment amends the Regulatory Services Agreement between CFE and NFA. 08/31/2017 Certified 09/15/2017 0
CFE Provides rules for EFP, no-bust ranges, block trading, DPM rights and pre-execution discussions for a new product - CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Index Futures Contracts. CFE-2007-05 07/05/2007 Certified 08/07/2007 0
CFE Provides rules for EFP, no-bust ranges, block trading, DPM rights and pre-execution discussions for a new product - CBOE Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index Futures Contracts. CFE-2007-06 07/05/2007 Certified 08/06/2007 0
NYMEX Amending the "Termination of Trading" rules of the physically delivered Crude Oil, RBOB Gasoline, Heating Oil, Natural Gas and Environmental futures contracts. NYMEX #13-103 03/28/2013 Certified 04/12/2013 0
NYMEX Modifications to Brent Futures and Inter-Commodity Spread Market Maker Program. NYMEX #13-444 12/13/2013 Certified 12/31/2013 0
ICE US Adopting a new Russell Individual Member Fee Program. ICE US #13-118 12/13/2013 Certified 12/31/2013 0
ICE US Extension of Term of Russell Index Options Market Maker Program. ICE US #13-119 12/13/2013 Certified 12/31/2013 0
ICE US Extension of Terms of Russell Index Futures Market Maker Program. ICE US #13-120 12/13/2013 Certified 12/31/2013 0
ICE US Amendments to the Henry Hub Capped Options Liquidity Provider Program. ICE US #13-123 12/16/2013 Certified 01/01/2014 0
CBOT Modifications to the Micro Treasury Yield Futures Market Maker Program 12/31/2021 Withdrawn 01/11/2022 0
NYMEX Notification of the Migration of Silver Contracts to TMS (the Trade Management System) from the On Line Trade Entry System. NYMEX No. 07.37 03/01/2007 Certified 03/01/2007 0
CME Removed Rule 152 from Rulebook Since the GOAL (Global Open Access Learning) Permit Program is No Longer Active. CME No. 07-16 03/01/2007 Certified 03/02/2007 1
CCFE Amends market maker program to allow additional market makers (in addtion to Trading Privilege Holders and Clearing Members), and requires market makers to abide by Exchange rules. CCFE #07-11 08/09/2007 Certified 08/08/2007 1
CBOT Modifies procedures for determining the daily settlement prices for CBOT 10 Year US Treasury Note options. CBOT #2840.01 10/15/2007 Certified 11/28/2007 1
CBOT Amends Rule 588.K to add "3-Month Overnight Index Swaps Options" to the list of no bust range Option Contracts. CME & CBOT #08-187 11/20/2008 Certified 11/20/2008 1
NYMEX Corrects NYMEX/COMEX Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA0916-4. NYMEX #09-318R 01/05/2010 Certified 12/17/2010 1
CBOT Revisions to Chapter 4 "Enforcement of Rules" and related rules based on a comprehensive review of the disciplinary process rules. CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX #10-321 11/12/2010 Certified 12/07/2010 1
NYLIFFE Notice 09/2011 explains the process of reporting and adjusting open interest and filing Form 102 Large Trader Reports and reminds members of certain position transfer and netting considerations. NYLIFFE #2011-111 03/22/2011 Certified 03/22/2011 1
CFE CFE rule amendment to revise CFE Policy and Procedure X (DPM Market Performance Benchmarks Program). CFE #2011-16 06/16/2011 Certified 06/30/2011 1
CFE Updating CFE Fee Schedule. CFE #2012-03 02/03/2012 Certified 02/18/2012 1
NYMEX Modifications to the NYMEX Energy Products Incentive Program for High Volume Hedging Contributors. NYMEX #12-332 10/15/2012 Certified 10/30/2012 1
CME Revisions to Rule 536.B - Globex Order Entry, and issuance of CME Group Market Regulation Advisory Notice RA1309-5 CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX/KCBT #13-160 08/12/2013 Certified 08/27/2013 1
CME Notification of Emergency Action with Respect to CME Lean Hog Futures and Options. CME #13-492 10/17/2013 Certified 11/01/2013 1
COMEX Revisions to Rule 300.D - Disqualification from Certain Committees and Governing Boards. CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX #14-247 06/18/2014 Certified 07/03/2014 1
NYMEX Amendments to CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX Rule 853 ("Transfers of Trades and Customer Accounts") 11/04/2015 Certified 11/19/2015 1
CBOT Implementation of the EU Wheat Fee Discount Program 08/19/2016 Certified 09/02/2016 1
CBOT Deletion of CME Rule 586. ("GFX Corporation") and Amendments to CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX Rule 110. ("Claims Against Membership, Application of Proceeds"). 04/16/2018 Certified 04/30/2018 1
MGE Weekly Notification for the week of December 17, 2018. 12/28/2018 Notified 12/28/2018 1
CFE The Amendment amends CFE rules to delete reference to Cboe Options Rule 2.1(a). 05/13/2019 Certified 05/28/2019 1
ICE US The Exchange is extending the terms of Precious Metal Futures Contract Exchange Member Fee Program through June 30, 2020. 06/10/2019 Certified 06/24/2019 1
ICE US Amendment to the definition of the term "Licensed Store" to conform with amendments already established in Chapter 7 - Licensing Rules. 12/04/2019 Certified 12/18/2019 1
NYMEX Modifications to the Retail Broker Incentive Program 04/16/2020 Certified 04/30/2020 1
CME Block Trade Eligibility and Expansion of Strike Price Listing of all Options on E-mini Nasdaq-100 Indexr Futures Contracts and Expansion of the Listing Schedule of the European-Style Weekly Options. 01/06/2022 Certified 01/21/2022 1
BTNL Bitnomial Rulebook Update 10/30/2023 Certified 11/14/2023 1
ICE US Amended Definition of Business Day to Restrict Business Day to a Day on Which Open Outcry Trading Occurs. NYBOT No. 07-17 03/02/2007 Certified 03/07/2007 On 09/03/07 NYBT was renamed ICE US 1
CBOT Revises market maker program for denatured fuel ethanol futures to add new incentives for participants. CBOT 2816.01 08/09/2007 Certified 08/13/2007 1
CBOT Provides for a Market Making program in the CBOT 30-Day Fed Funds Options contract. CBOT #08-10 01/22/2008 Certified 01/22/2008 1
CME Amends Rule 588.K to add "3-Month Overnight Index Swaps Options" to the list of no bust range Option Contracts. CME & CBOT #08-187 11/20/2008 Certified 11/20/2008 1
NYMEX Provides Market Reg Notice RA0904-5 concerning the prohibition in engaging in wash sales pursuant to Rule 534. CME/CBOT/NYMEX #09.151 08/03/2009 Certified 08/28/2009 1