Swap Execution Facilities (SEF) : 26091

Organization: Cboe SEF, LLC

Status: Registered

Date: 2016-01-22 00:00:00

Remarks: Bats Hotspot SEF, LLC changed its name to Cboe SEF, LLC effective October 31, 2017. See 40.6 Rule Submission 1710-1702-5653-55 Filing No 37491. Javelin SEF, LLC changed its name to Bats Hotspot SEF, LLC on December 23, 2016. Javelin SEF, LLC applied for temporary registration as a SEF on August 2, 2013, in order to trade interest rate swaps for which the CME will act as DCO.

Associated Documents
Javelin SEF LLC Transmittal Letter
Javelin SEF LLC SEF Order of Registration
Compliance Matrix
Fitness Standards & Composition
Organizational Document