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Organization Filing Description Receipt Date Status Date Remarks Documents
CCORP Reorganization & Proxy Materials 09/24/2003 Certified 09/24/2003 0
NYMEX NYMEX Brent Block Trade Broker Rebate Program 04/10/2012 Certified 04/25/2012 1
MGEX Rule amendment to update the membership requirement as it pertains to clearing privileges. 07/19/2012 Certified 08/03/2012 1
LCHLTD Amendments to rules to admit Futures Commission Merchants to join the EnClear and Nodal service and clear transactions on behalf of their clients. 09/25/2012 Certified 10/11/2012 1
SGX-DC Weekly notification of rule amendments for the week of 14 November 2016. 11/20/2016 Notified 11/20/2016 2
LCHLTD Rule changes to include provisions for Custodial Segregated Accounts, a new type of client account being offered under LCH's EMIR Client account model. 12/15/2016 Certified 12/30/2016 1
ICECC ICC proposes to formalize the ICC Model Validation Framework. 03/28/2017 Certified 04/11/2017 2
EUREX Proposed rule amendments in Eurex Clearing Circular 108-17 related to amending the last trading day and final settlement day for listed FX futures and options contracts 10/27/2017 Certified 11/13/2017 2
EUREX Weekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of December 4, 2017 12/08/2017 Notified 12/08/2017 1
EUREX Proposed rule amendments in Eurex Clearing Circular 023-18 related to broadening the scope of the Multiple Clearing Relationship Framework, align outsourcing rules with German law, and amending one technical agreement 02/27/2018 Certified 03/13/2018 2
EUREX Proposed rule amendments in Eurex Clearing Circular 055-18 related to termination fees for compression runs, repayment of excess prefunding amounts, and editorial changes 06/01/2018 Certified 06/15/2018 2
CME Weekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of December 21, 2020 12/30/2020 Notified 12/30/2020 1
LCHLTD LCH is submitting for self-certification changes to the ForexClear fee schedule. 12/15/2021 Certified 12/30/2021 1
ICLREU2 ICE Clear Europe Limited proposes to amend Part H of its Delivery Procedures to cover ICE Endex German THE Natural Gas Daily Futures Contracts 03/08/2022 Certified 03/21/2022 2
OCC Rule Certification Concerning OCC's Collateral Haircuts and Standards for Clearing Banks and Letters of Credit 01/19/2023 Certified 02/02/2023 3
CME Performance Bond Deposits Line of Credit 10/06/2003 Certified 10/06/2003 1
CBT Modification of procedures for determining daily settlement prices for CBOT 10 year U.S. Treasury Note Options 10/15/2007 Certified 10/17/2007 1
OCC Rule changes to comply with Part 39 DCO regulations effective May 7, 2012; OCC-2012-06 04/10/2012 Certified 04/25/2012 1
NYMEX Delisting eleven tanker freight forwards contracts 07/23/2012 Certified 07/23/2012 1
CME Amendments to Chapter 8H of CME Rulebook 12/04/2014 Certified 12/18/2014 1
LCHLTD In exceptional circumstances, LCH.Clearnet will manually accept a SwapClear Transaction on behalf of a Clearing Member that is unable to do so itself, rule changes are being implemented to describe the acceptance process. 07/23/2015 Certified 08/06/2015 1
CMECE Weekly Notification of Rule amendments for week of January 30, 2017. 02/10/2017 Notified 02/10/2017 1
OCC Proposed rule change concerning the requirement for Clearing Members to participate in default management testing. 03/28/2017 Certified 04/11/2017 2
SGX-DC Weekly notification of rule amendments for the week of 28 May 2018. 06/04/2018 Notified 06/04/2018 2
ICECC ICC proposes amendments to the ICC Rulebook relating to Mark-to-Market Margin. 07/11/2018 Certified 07/25/2018 2
ICLREU2 ICE Clear Europe proposes a revised approach to computing single name CDS liquidity charges. Specifically, ICE Clear Europe proposes to introduce minimum instrument liquidity requirements independent of instrument maturities. 05/13/2019 Certified 05/28/2019 2
MGEX Amendments to Chapters 1, 21, and 23 of MGEX's Rules to incorporate the clearing of Bitnomial Exchange, LLC contracts. 07/14/2020 Certified 07/28/2020 1
ICE NGX Amendments to ICE NGX's Risk Management Framework 02/19/2021 Certified 03/05/2021 2
LX LedgerX revised Rulebook 12/15/2021 Certified 12/30/2021 2
MGEX Notification of margin changes made prior week 03/08/2022 Notified 03/08/2022 1
CME Weekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of May 30, 2022 06/07/2022 Notified 06/07/2022 1
CME Cross-Margining Program 11/19/2003 Certified 11/19/2003 0
OCC Modification of description of assignment proceudres for processing exercise notices to reflect expanded use of sub-accounts established by a clearing member for a single beneficial owner 10/09/2007 Certified 10/17/2007 1
ICLREU2 Certification in relation to fees for EMIR customer accounts 07/23/2015 Certified 08/06/2015 1
CME Weekly Notification of Rule Amendments - Week of December 5, 2016 12/15/2016 Notified 12/15/2016 1
SGX-DC Self certification of amendments to SGX-DC Clearing Rules in relation to iron ore swap contracts for implementation on July 2017. 06/19/2017 Certified 07/03/2017 2
MGEX Amendments to MGEX Chapter 21 Rules to enhance transparency and compliance with CFTC regulations. 10/27/2017 Certified 11/13/2017 1
EUREX Proposed rule amendments in Eurex Clearing Circular 047-19 related to providing the fees applicable for Xetra order book and off-book transactions in cash equity products 05/13/2019 Certified 05/28/2019 2
LCHLTD LCH is submitting for self-certification corrections to the ForexClear Product Specific Contract Terms and Eligibility Criteria Manual and FCM Product Specific Contract Terms and Eligibility Criteria Manual. 01/06/2022 Certified 01/21/2022 3
CME See filing. 01/19/2023 Certified 02/02/2023 2
LCHLTD Pursuant to CFTC, LCH Limited is submitting for self-certification changes to its Rulebook required to implement a new initiative permitting ForexClear Clearing Members to contribute to the default fund in EUR cash. 05/03/2023 Certified 05/16/2023 1
LCHLTD LCH proposes adding a provision limiting use of Information received by Potential Transferees in default scenarios for the purpose of assessing the transfer of one or more of the Defaulter's FCM Contract(s) / collateral, to be used for this purpose only. 12/14/2023 Certified 12/29/2023 1
CME Clearing Member Net Capital 09/05/2003 Certified 09/05/2003 1
NADEX Change in Payout Criteria for several contracts 06/01/2007 Certified 06/01/2007 1
LCHLTD LCH.Clearnet Limited has self-certified changes to its General Default Fund, to be effective on November 6, 2013. 10/17/2013 Certified 11/01/2013 1
ICECC The purpose of the proposed rule change is to add ICC Rule 802(f)(iv) to provide additional clarity and transparency regarding ICC's use of guaranty fund assets. 01/29/2014 Certified 02/13/2014 1
SGX-DC Amendments to the Over-The-Counter Financial Derivatives ("OTCF") Clearing Member Handbook ("Handbook") to clarify that trades submitted to SGX-DC for clearing by the clearing member will be accepted or rejected within 60 seconds 06/20/2014 Certified 07/08/2014 1
LCHLTD Changes to the LCH Margin Collateral Haircut Schedule 11/21/2016 Withdrawn 11/29/2016 2
CME Adoption of New CME and CBOT Rule 990. ("U.S. Withholding Tax") 12/15/2016 Certified 12/30/2016 1
ICLREU2 In Rule 106(d), ICE Clear Europe has made a non-substantive change to remove the defined term "Data Subject" as the term is not otherwise used in the Rules. 06/04/2018 Notified 06/04/2018 1