Clearing Organizations

How to Register as a Derivatives Clearing Organization

Criteria, procedures, and requirements for registration as a DCO are set forth in Section 5b of the CEA, 7 USC § 7a-1, and Part 39 of the CFTC’s regulations.

An entity seeking to become registered as a derivatives clearing organization (DCO) must file its application with the CFTC electronically via the CFTC Portal. Applicants should contact staff of the Division of Clearing and Risk with questions on preparing an application for registration.

Applicants must submit a completed Form DCO, including cover sheet, all applicable exhibits, and any supplemental materials:

Form DCO (PDF – 201 KB)

Form DCO (Word – 65 KB)

The CFTC will not begin processing an application unless the applicant has filed the application as required by CFTC Regulation 39.3 (17 CFR 39.3). Failure to file a completed application will preclude the CFTC from determining that an application is materially complete, as provided in Section 6(a) of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA), 7 USC § 8(a).

The CFTC will review an application for DCO registration pursuant to the 180-day time frame and procedures specified in Section 6(a) of the CEA and CFTC Regulation 39.3 (17 CFR 39.3), and approve or deny the application.