Mission Activities
Agency Direction, Management and Administrative Support

As stated in the CFTC's Strategic Plan, the Commission's ability to achieve its mission of protecting the public, derivative market participants, the U.S. economy and the U.S. position in global markets is driven by well-informed and reasoned executive direction, strong and focused management, and an efficiently-resourced, dedicated, and productive workforce—this is a top-to-bottom requirement.  These attributes of an effective organization combine to lead and support the critical work of the Commission to provide sound regulatory oversight and enforcement programs for the U.S. public.  To ensure the Commission's continued success, continuity of operations, and adaptation to the ever-changing markets it is charged with regulating, the Commission must lead effectively and maintain a well-qualified workforce supported by a modern IT infrastructure and working environment.

The CFTC is committed to both operationalizing the Commission's expanded regulatory scope and to maintaining its strong presence in its traditional markets. This requires unambiguous and timely direction, and the right quantity and quality of staff, aligned in an optimal operating structure supported by the necessary training, development, tools, resources and working environment.

The overarching principles for this mission activity were established in Goal Five of the CFTC's Strategic Plan:

  • Organization is structured, aligned and streamlined to successfully carry out its mission while flexible and adaptable to changes to its mission and available resources;
  • Planning Program effectively develops and implements a resource management program to support the optimal operation and maintenance of a growing agency (scope and staff) with the capability and tools to achieve its mission;
  • Human Capital Program attracts, retains and continuously develops an exceptionally qualified, diverse, dedicated, capable and productive staff; and
  • Financial Management Program judiciously manages and administers the financial resources provided to the Commission while taking measures through integrity and management controls to prevent waste, fraud and abuse.


Organizationally, the Commission's agency direction, management and administrative support mission activities support the Commission-wide requirements through four Divisions:

Breakout of Agency Direction, Management and Administrative Support Request by Division
Dollars in Thousands
  FTE Salaries and Expenses IT Total
Agency Direction 29 $6,910 $0 $6,910
Executive Director 86 20,510 0 20,510
Data and Technology 0 0 2,000 2,000
Inspector General 6 1,430 0 1,430
Total 121 $28,850 $2,000 $30,850

Agency Direction, Management and Administrative Support Request by Division

Pie chart showing the Agency Direction, Management and Administrative Support Request by Division. Values are as follows:

Agency Direction: 22%.
Executive Director: 66%.
Data and Technology: 7%.
Inspector General: 5%.