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Careers at the CFTC

  • Attractive Options for Your Future

    Careers at the CFTC offer challenging work and excellent benefits. We look for professionals with strong academic records and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

    The CFTC provides outstanding employee benefits and its salaries are comparable to those at other Federal financial regulatory agencies.

    Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

    The 2017 Office of Personnel Management's Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey measured overall employee satisfaction in areas such as, effective leadership, employee skills aligning with agency mission, pay and work/life balance.

    CFTC All Employee Survey Results for 2017:

    • Small Agency Management Report (PDF)
    • Agency Trend Report (PDF

    Historical Reports

    Employee Survey Results

    CFTC All Employee Survey Results for 2015 (PDF)
    CFTC All Employee Survey Results for 2014 (PDF)
    CFTC All Employee Survey Results for 2013 (PDF)

    Agency Trends

    Agency Trend 2016 (PDF)
    Agency Trend 2015 (PDF)
    Agency Trend 2014 (PDF)

    Small Agency Management Report

    Small Agency Management Report 2016 (PDF)