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Procurement Opportunities

  • The CFTC has recurring requirements for the goods and services listed here. If you would like to discuss your firm’s ability to provide these products or otherwise to promote your firm’s capabilities, please contact us by telephone or email.

    Goods and ServicesTelephone NumberEmail
    Telecommunications equipment and supplies

    Kay Rison

    Office of Data and Technology
    Office equipment and suppliesDenise Hamm
    Logistics and Operations
    FurnitureDenise Hamm
    Logistics and Operations
    Minor constructionWes French
    Logistics and Operations
    Copying and printing servicesSonda Owens
    Office of Financial Management

    The CFTC’s open market acquisitions exceeding $25,000 are published on FedBizOpps. However, the majority of the CFTC’s purchasing activity is through U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) schedule and credit card purchases. These requirements are not normally published on the Internet. Your company may be considered for these awards if it has a GSA schedule contract or has otherwise effectively marketed its products to CFTC.


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