External Meetings: Meeting with American Gas Association

AGA and its members provided information on the naturgal gas distribution industry.  Participants also discussed the commodity options segment of the Ag Swaps and Commodity Options rulemaking.  Participants also discussed aspects of the proposed product defintions as they relate to options and certain transactions used by AGA's members in securing physical supply for their natural gas distribution obligations.
XIX. Agricultural Swaps

XXI. Joint Rules w/ SEC

CFTC Staff
Don Heitman

David Aron

Martin Murray

Jane Croessman

Nicole Aulerich

Ryne Miller
Andrew Soto (AGA)

Scott Butler (ConEdison)

Stephen McCauley (National Grid)

Gary Guy (Baltimore Gas & Electric)

Rose Lennon, Washington Gas Light

Pamela J. Anderson (Perkins Coie & Puget Sound Energy)

Adam Pyles (CenterPoint)
American Gas Association

Consolidated Edison Company of New York

National Grid Distribution Companies

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Washington Gas Light

Puget Sound Energy

Perkins Coie

CenterPoint Energy