External Meetings: Meeting with Goldman Sachs & Co.

Representatives from Goldman Sachs & Co. discussed the extraterritorial application of the Dodd-Frank Act (Act) requirements for swap dealers.  Specifically, the representatives asked the Commission to: (1) issue guidance on the extraterritorial reach of the Act in order to provide clarity to market participants; (2) when appropriate, defer to comparable foreign regulatory regimes; (3) harmonize the Commission’s swap rules with the security-based swap rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission; and (4) through a rulemaking or interpretative guidance, address the application of transaction-level requirements on inter-affiliate transactions.
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CFTC Staff
Ananda Radhakrishnan

Gary Barnett

Jackie Mesa

Claire Noakes

Camden Nunery

Thelma Diaz

Natalie Markman Radhakrishnan

Lee Ann Duffy

Jason Shafer

David Van Wagner

Warren Gorlick

Jeff Steiner

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Carl Kennedy

Susan Berkowitz (via telephone)

Edwin Yoshimura (via telephone)
Kenneth M. Connolly

Tom Riggs

Dirk Pruis

Liz Martin

William Iwashchuk
Goldman Sachs & Co.